NGSS & Hydrogels: Hands-On Training for Middle School Educators

Saturday, March 9th

The immersive in-person teacher training, led by our own, Janie Butler, in partnership with Mandi Ruud Singleton  and Dr. Chelsea M. Magin, PhD., brought a new dimension to middle school science education. Over the weekend, educators gained hands-on experience in bringing hydrogel labs to life. Dr. Magin’s expertise as a materials engineer added depth to the training, as participants delved into the intricacies of hydrogel science. This training reached 14 teachers, and will impact 850 students.

Each teacher received not only a stipend but also a kit of supplies to replicate the hydrogel lab experience in their classrooms, thanks to generous funding from the Medtronic Foundation. This initiative not only enriched the educators’ professional development but also empowered them to inspire their students with engaging, real-world science experiments. Moreover, this training underscored the importance of building a pipeline of future STEM professionals, ensuring a bright future for scientific innovation.

Thank you to the Medtronic Foundation for your generous support providing access to STEM education and supporting Colorado educators.