Executive One-Day Intensive: Leading to Inspire Innovation and Creativity

March 7th, 2024

The Institute’s Executive One-Day Intensive: Leading to Inspire Innovation and Creativity, was a huge success with sold out attendance and stellar participant feedback, including:

“Seriously best use of my time. Beneficial on so many levels.”

“My favorite activity was the one where we discussed solving a real problem (the IND in 6 months) because it was relevant, industry specific, not too specific to any one company, and involved both soft people skills and technical industry knowledge.”

Through interactive discussions, breakout sessions, and real-world case studies, participants gained not only the skills to overcome innovation barriers but also forged peer connections, fostering collaborative problem-solving. With learning objectives centered on promoting collaborative thinking, defining creative approaches to challenges, and driving innovation within teams, the workshop provided an immersive experience propelling participants’ leadership journey into the realm of cutting-edge innovation.

Sponsored by the Medtronic Foundation