Elevate Chemistry Education: Dynamic Virtual Demos for Classroom

October 25th, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce the success of our latest program: Elevate Chemistry Education: Dynamic Virtual Demos for Classroom! Over four weeks, led by Janie Butler, teachers immersed themselves in classroom-ready chemistry demos and lessons.

Each week, esteemed guest speakers, including, Patrick Barney, PhD from Corden Pharma, Amy Beckley PhD from Proov Diagnostics and Melissa Krebs, Ph.D from GelSana, provided invaluable insights into the world of chemistry in Colorado. The program facilitated invaluable connections with these local industry experts, providing participants with genuine, real-world insights to enhance their pedagogical approach. This course trained 14 teachers, impacting 1575 students.

A thank you to the Medtronic Foundation for their generous support, which makes our mission possible. Together, we empower educators and inspire future scientists.

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