LabXchange Teacher Trainings

New Opportunity: Biotechnology Experiences in the Classroom

(Amgen Biotech Experience/LabXchange)


Generous support of the Institute’s Biotechnology Experiences in the Classroom Teacher Training program provided by the Amgen Foundation.

Dates: October 5th, October 12th, October 26th, and November 2nd from 4PM-6PM

Location: Virtual

Stipend: $400 stipend paid to participants upon completion of the course. *Teachers must plan to teach in 2022/23 to qualify

Credit: 0.5 Graduate Level Continuing Education Credit offered from Colorado School of Mines (tuition covered by the Institute)


Description: The Biotechnology Experiences in the Classroom (Amgen Biotech Experience/LabXchange) teacher professional development program will provide high school science teachers the opportunity to learn a molecular biology curriculum designed to introduce students to the excitement of scientific discovery in the field of biotechnology. The curriculum is designed to allow students to have the opportunity to explore the methods scientists use to create biotechnology medicines. 

Biotechnology is a growing industry in Colorado that has brought about the discovery and development of new generation of human therapeutics. Advancements in both cellular and molecular biology have allowed scientists to identify and develop a host of new medicines for patients with serious illness. Biotechnology provides the tools and techniques for modern pharmaceutical research and drug development (including the COVID-19 vaccines), and it is critical that future citizens are knowledgeable about this field. The Colorado Department of Education also recently approved the Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam (BACE), the course work in this training can help prepare you as teachers to prepare students for some of the skills that will be tested on BACE.

Participation in these trainings will provide you the opportunity to learn the Biotech Experience labs and lessons in both a hands-on lab and virtual experience; learn more about the BACE credential for students; and meet with local biotech industry employees to learn more about the field. Teacher participants that complete and participate in all 4 days of the training will receive a $400 stipend.


Questions? Email Program Manager Janie Butler 

Through the generous support of the Amgen Foundation the Colorado BioScience Institute (Institute), in collaboration with the Harvard LabXchange creators, will begin training Colorado teachers on LabXchange, which is a free online platform from Harvard University for learning, sharing and collaboration.  This resource gives educators, learners and researchers:


  • the power to create flexible learning pathways by finding and assembling high-quality content

  • the power to experiment through a new generation of virtual simulations that give accesses to the research process

  • the power to share with an integrational network of educators, students and researchers

  • the power to solve global challenges defined by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals


In the current environment where we are all interacting and learning virtually this will be an invaluable resource for Colorado high school life science and career & technical education.  Harvard LabXchange creators have begun training Colorado teachers on the best use of these resources in virtual and blended classroom learning environments and we cannot wait to see what our educators, students and researchers are able to accomplish with this platform.


A big thank you to the Amgen Foundation for their generous support of all STEM education but specifically STEM education in Colorado and for their commitment to advance excellence in science education to inspire the next generation of innovators.

If you are a school or district in Colorado interested in free LabXchange training, please contact the Institute's Vice President, Meg John.