Colorado Bioscience Institute

The Colorado BioScience Institute (the Institute) is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides education, workforce and career development, innovation support and resources for life science professionals, companies, students and educators related to the bioscience industry in Colorado.






























CBSA was formed to focus on supporting the statewide bioscience community through advocacy, resources, and the advancement of opportunities for collaboration.


Since CBSA’s formation, recognition and support of the biosciences from state government and community partners has increased significantly, as has the growth of the industry. 
In 2012, the CBSA leadership determined that many of the organization’s current activities and future plans are directed toward expanding educational programs.  A strategic focus with an emphasis related to education, training, awareness, and evaluation was determined to be necessary. Thus, CBSA is assisting with the creation of the Institute, a wholly owned charitable subsidiary 501 (c)(3) organization, to expand and enhance these specific areas.


The Institute is the only non-profit in Colorado that performs all of these: 


  • Focuses exclusively on all areas of the bioscience industry.

  • Creates the framework to train the very best young scientists and business entrepreneurs

  • Assists companies with the recruitment, retention and attraction of these future bioscience employees and leaders

How is the Institute connected to the Colorado BioScience Association?

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