Shanna Atzmiller

Research Experience for Teachers

Bear Creek High School

Shanna Atzmiller spends most of her year teaching at Bear Creek High School. But on her recent summer breaks, she's in the labs of Colorado bioscience companies.


Her experiences are changing the way she teaches and introducing her students to their own potential in science careers.


"My students have a sense of accomplishment that I haven't seen in my classroom before, they feel that they are learning science better because they are working through real world science techniques and problems."


RET is helping classrooms like Shanna’s make important contributions to the future of the industry. 

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Abby Wright

Executive Leadership

Biodesix, Inc.

Abby Wright loves her job as at Biodesix, Inc.


Abby reached her ideal position with some help from the Colorado BioScience Institute’s Executive Leadership program.


“Through Colorado BioScience Institute’s Executive Leadership Program, I was assigned a mentor who has founded and run multiple biotech companies, and he and the program director have provided really insightful, constructive advice"

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