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Innovative Industries Internship Grant Program 

House Bill 15-1230, created the Innovative Industries Internship Grant Program to increase the number of workers in Colorado innovative industries by encouraging employers to train interns. The bill authorized up to $450,000 annually to be distributed to businesses through a matching grant of up to $5,000. The program is being administered through the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment within the Workforce Development Programs Division. The program was authorized for five years of funding and launched in January 2016. The grant is scheduled to expire in July 2020.

To see the eligibility requirements and if you qualify, please go to

Program overview, including eligibility and requirements

Watch: 2017 Innovative Industries Internship Grant Program Webinar

Internship Resources


Federal Court Changes some of the Rules for Hiring Unpaid Interns 
On July 2, 2015, a federal appeals court upended the test companies and courts have relied upon for nearly seventy years to determine whether or not an intern must be paid.


Sample Documents

Internship Job Descriptions: Clinical Research | Business Development 
Student evaluation of company 
Mentor/company evaluation of student 
Confidentiality and IP Assignment Example - *Please consult your legal counsel*


Internship Checklist for Companies

Step One: Define needs & establish goals 
Step Two: Recruit & Hire Interns 
Step Three: Orientation for Interns 
Step Four: Evaluation 
Step Five: Additional Considerations

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15 Best Practices for Internship Programs

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For Students

We want to help facilitate successful internships to create a stronger bioscience community. Internships offered by bioscience companies are for undergraduate and graduate students.


Internship Preparation Student Check List:


  • Search University Internship postings

  • Select internships of interest

  • Check with your career services office and website for informational resources about how to create effective cover letters and resumes

  • Draft resumes and cover letters tailored to positions of interest

  • Visit your University Career Counselor, or Experiential Learning Center:

    • Have resume and cover letter reviewed and critiqued

    • Practice interviewing (mock interview)

  • Submit cover letter and resume to company following application instructions outlined in posting

  • Research and review company’s mission, products, and current news about the company or industry

  • Review relevant regulations that pertain to the industry and or internship of interest (i.e. Good Manufacturing Practices for the Pharmaceutical Industry at

  • Interview 

    • Dress appropriately

    • Arrive 5 – 10 minutes before your scheduled interview appointment

    • Speak professionally

    • Be prepared with 3 – 4 thoughtful questions about the company and work you would be doing

    • Recap timelines for the decision-making process with interviewer

    • Obtain business card or contact information from interviewer

    • Send ‘thank you’ note within 24 hours  (email or hand written, depending upon the company culture)

  • Accept position.  Once accepted, follow through.  Reneging after accepting is considered unprofessional and unethical

  • If position involves academic credit:

    • Contact department University Faculty Advisor or Internship Coordinator to obtain details, requirements, and  necessary signatures for academic credit

    • Fill out appropriate paperwork and give copy of applicable documents to employer 

University Career Services

It’s time to act! Just beyond today’s economic ups and downs are warning signs that the U.S. is slipping in generating an educated & skilled workforce that is critical to meet the demands of our highly technical industry. Industry partners are becoming even more critical to engage student’s interest in the sciences, technology, engineering, and math careers. The Colorado Bioscience Association is actively engaged with our local academic institutions to facilitate internship placements for students to build a pipeline of workers your company will seek in the future.  Join us!

The details below and linked on the right provide a bounty of information on how to get started, what academic centers align with your needs and the process in which to engage with students. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions along the way.

Arapahoe Community College         
        Contact: Wendy Winter-Searcy, Career and Transfer Center Coordinator
        National Science Foundation (NSF) scholarships available


Colorado School of Mines Career Center
        Contact: Lin Sherman, Assistant Director Career Center & Director of Recruitment


Colorado State University Career Center
        Contact: Lucinda Van Inwagen, Assistant Director, Employer Relations

University of Colorado at Boulder Career Services
        Contact: Lisa Lovett, Internship Program Coordinator, Career Services


University of Colorado Denver Experiential Learning Center
        Contact: Lesley Bishop, Assistant Director, Experiential Learning Center


University of Denver
Contact: Patty Hickman, Career Advisor

University of Northern Colorado