Executive Leadership Program


The executive leadership program is designed to enable CEO’s to build better businesses by learning to resolve strategic problems, drive change through their organization, design and motivate effective teams, and communicate plans and strategy to get to the next level of growth in the venture.

Workforce Trainings


Programs are available for a variety of positions and skill sets. The goal is to enhance the Colorado’s life science industry by building a highly skilled, globally competitive workforce. We work closely with local companies to design programs to meet their employees training needs for technical and soft skills. The training curriculum is based on standardized, industry-accepted curriculum and FDA requirements related to the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

Research Experience for Teachers


Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program, providing middle and high school teachers real-world experience and helping them translate that experience and new knowledge into the classroom. RET is an intensive program implemented five (5) days per week over four (4) weeks during the summer.

Mentor Program


Launched in 2013, the mentor program pairs junior-senior level undergraduate students with professionals in industry over the course of the academic year for professional development and hands on interaction with leaders in industry.

Foundations of Leadership


This three-day workshop is designed to build the foundations of leadership by exploring the characteristics of leaders, effective communication and teamwork skills. The peer to peer workshops are interactive and designed for personal and professional development.

Industry Showcase


The Annual Life Science Industry Showcase, hosted by the Colorado Bioscience Institute and the Academia Industry Alliance, is a networking event connecting undergraduate, master’s, doctorate and post graduate students from Colorado universities to Colorado companies.