Executive One-Day Intensive: Leading to Inspire Innovation and Creativity

Creativity and innovation form the foundation of every thriving life science company. The ability for a leader to ignite fresh ideas and unconventional approaches is paramount, yet there are instances where a quantum leap in innovation becomes imperative for success. In this dynamic one-day workshop facilitated by The Leadership Edge, a distinguished organization with over three decades of expertise in cultivating the most successful life science executives, participants will gain invaluable insights.

Throughout the program, participants will discover how to identify barriers to innovation, comprehend cultural norms that foster creative thinking, and master the art of posing impactful questions to a team—eliciting both incremental improvements and transformative innovation. The Leadership Edge’s commitment to excellence will shine through, as the workshop content and approaches have been proven and tested over the years.

Ahead of the session, participants will engage in a pulse survey, allowing the workshop to be further tailored to address the unique needs and challenges of each individual in the life sciences. This ensures a highly customized and impactful experience for every participant.

Through a combination of interactive discussions, breakout sessions, and real-world case study applications, the workshop will not only equip participants with the skills to identify and overcome innovation barriers but also foster peer-to-peer connections. These connections will serve as a catalyst for collaborative problem-solving, enabling participants to tackle common challenges collectively. Join us for an immersive experience that will propel your leadership journey into the realm of cutting-edge innovation.

·    Learn strategies that promote collaborative and creative thinking in the workplace.

·    Understand common challenges for life science companies and define creative approaches for meeting them head-on.

·    Explore what a successful future looks like for the participants’ companies and how partnerships and peer-to-peer connections will support that vision. 

·    Identify the top questions every leader should ask to drive innovation from their teams.

·    Move from incremental improvements to quantum leap thinking.

·    Learn how to get buy in from a team to make what was impossible possible.

·    Explore how competition and ego drive innovation.

Sponsored by the Medtronic Foundation