Abby Wright

Biodesix, Inc.

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Abby Wright, Senior Director of Reimbursement at Biodesix, Inc., finds her job—negotiating with health plans to get the company’s tests covered—highly meaningful. 


“My work makes our tests available to lung cancer patients who need them,” Wright says. “That can get them on the right treatment much faster than would otherwise be possible or spare them unnecessary worry. I can’t imagine a more rewarding career.” 


Biodesix offers three innovative, rapid blood-based tests that identify actionable lung tumor mutations, measure the immune response to lung tumors, and distinguish benign from potentially cancerous lung nodules, respectively. 


“We present clinical data to Medicaid, Medicare, and major insurers showing that Biodesix’s tests improve outcomes and reduce the overall cost of care,” says Wright. “That can be really challenging because the treatment landscape and standards are always changing.” 


In Wright’s six and a half years at Biodesix, she’s led the team that secured coverage for VeriStrat®, the proteomic immune response test, and oversaw the three-year planning and execution of bringing billing in-house, including the research to show that it would improve revenue. 


She credits her success to a combination of her initiative—taking every opportunity to learn and contribute—and great mentors, both within the company and in the Colorado bioscience community. 


“Biodesix’s involvement with CBSA has opened a lot of doors,” says Wright. “Through Colorado BioScience Institute’s Executive Leadership Program, I was assigned a mentor who has founded and run multiple biotech companies, and he and the program director have provided really insightful, constructive advice.” 


The Executive Leadership program is a path for CEOs and upper level management to learn to resolve strategic problems, drive change, structure and motivate effective teams, and communicate strategy to get to the next level of growth. To successfully navigate through these challenges and opportunities, an Executive must anticipate and understand their overarching needs and plan for personal and company growth. 


Applications for the Executive Leadership program will be accepted later this year for the 2020 class. For more information on the program please contact Jennifer Jones Paton

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Abby Wright, Senior Director of Reimbursement, Biodesix, Inc.